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Flat Tire

How much does it cost?

Usually it only costs $24.95 to repair a tire. However, if we need to replace any parts (such as a new valve stem), then that would be extra.

What does the service include?

The process we take to repair a leaking tire depends on where the leak is coming from, so first we will dismount the tire and determine the origin of the leak. Most times the leak is coming from a puncture such as a nail or screw, but the leak could also be coming from the bead or the valve stem. If the tire has been punctured, we will plug the hole from the inside of the tire, then rebalance it and mount it back on the vehicle. Note that tires can only be plugged if the puncture is not on the sidewall or shoulder and the object that punctured the tire is less than a quarter-inch wide. If the tire is leaking from the bead (the place where the tire meets the rim), we will take the tire off the wheel, clean the bead, and reseal it. If the tire is leaking from the valve stem, we will replace the valve stem.

Do I need an appointment?

No appointment necessary. Just swing on into the Quick Lane at Midway Ford anytime that we're open and we would be happy to help. The Quick Lane has its own entrance at the south end of the dealership.

Why is it important?

If you have a tire that is leaking air, it is important for your safety to have it inspected immediately. Punctured tires are more likely to blow out while driving. Also, driving on under inflated tires will cause them to wear more quickly and abnormally.

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